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At SMH, you will learn and experience the best of Meditation techniques based on traditional Indian Vedic system of Health, healing  and Well-being.


Whether you come for Meditation/Yoga class, wellness retreat or spiritual development, practicing together will make us understand what your mind-body really needs, what are the roots of your problems, what are the obstacles in your spiritual path ? With full respect and mutual sharing, we will help you, providing favorable situations, customized  meditation-yoga practices, to improve your practice or health condition to optimum level with physical balance, vitality, Mental and intellectual clarity.


You will discover what you are deeply seeking for, often not knowingly, and enjoy learning and experiencing in a very comfortable, caring and joyful atmosphere naturally!


What makes SMH a unique place is our multi- dimensional approach and long term experience and knowledge of Meditation, Yoga and other Indian healing systems, linked together.


“Having deep interest in Yoga Philosophy, Natural therapies and Human psychology, my pleasure lies in directing people deeper into their own experience for discovering true nature of complete health and wellbeing, respecting their unique individuality. We love to make your sessions full of joy, amazement and fulfillment."  Ram Gupta, Senior Teacher: Meditation-Yoga & Nature Cure


All programs are carefully designed or selected to serve the needs of a broad spectrum of people, ranging from those likely to appeal to people just beginning their transformative journey, along with those likely to serve the needs of longtime practitioners


Meditation Teacher Training program

Meditation Teacher Training in India is offered by Shree Mahesh Heritage since 2012 to give trainees insights into Meditation philosophy .The primary objective of this Meditation teacher training course is to provide an understanding of meditation and its related practices based on Indian Vedic tradition  from basic to advance level, in an easy and systematic way, including practice as well as theory.

Meditation retreat Rishikesh India

This experiential two weeks retreat at SMH include morning yogasana and pranayama sessions leading to meditation, small group exercises, focused explorations of ancient vedic system on a range of topics (path of devotion, action, knowledge) stories from some enlightened saints. You will be inspired by the experienced teachers and guided by the practices drived from Indian Vedic scriptures and enlightened saints.

Following basic meditation techniques will help you to get a comfortable meditation posture, inner focusing and keep your mind from running rampant. You will discover the nature of your mind-body and intellect and discover many of their application in day to day living.


Personal Meditation retreat

The program is for the people who visits to rishikesh for a shorter period and wish to spend few hours a day to experience meditation. In this program, we explore Patanjali's eight fold path leading to meditation and enlightment through the philosophy and pxychology of classical yoga practices. We will look into the nature of mind, roots of suffereings and possibility of liberation through the blend of theory and practice.

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